We have no bots, no donation, allowed RMT and 2-window play from one IP.
    High Five x1 server will be started for testing on 06/01/2024 at 20:00 UTC+1.
    The official start is scheduled for 11/01/2025 at 20:00 UTC+1.
    We wish you a pleasant test.


    Description and features of High Five x1 


    * All raits x1(C1 chronicles)
    * Vitality effect will be less (+50% to raits at max level).
    * Only two windows from the same IP are allowed.
    * There are Game shop(Alt+B) for Adena and Coin of luck, which are mined only in-game(with RaidBoss 20-70 lvl).
    * Sub-class of level 85, the number of sub-classes is 5.
    * Running speed increased +20, limit 300.
    * No Cursed Weapons.
    * RMT is allowed full description....

    10.11.23 13:22

    Author: [DvS]
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